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Abhinav Public School promoted by Abhinav Charitable Trust has been established with a view to provide quality education to every child.The school is located at Manjri,pune. We are operational from the academic year 2017-18. Abhinav Public School, Pune is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi and offers schooling from Nursery to Class XII. The school offers courses that focus on holistic development of individuals by cultivating their unique talents.


Our mission at APS is to create well integrated personalities, leaders, winners and achievers. The objective of the school is to assist the students to unfold their physical, mental, aesthetic and ethical growth with an indomitable spirit. It is our endeavour to instill in them the quality of self-worth.


"We are committed to provide educational excellence for all."

It is our endeavour to mould our students to be progressive, professionally successful and compassionate human beings, preparing them at the same time for active and independent learning in an environment which fosters a spirit of enquiring and keen competition. The purpose, the aim and philosophy of our school is to equip the child with the excellent technological proficiency so that the students may function with clarity and efficiency aligning themselves with shifts in the global environment. APS is a place where exploration, creativity and imagination make learning exciting and where all learners aspire to reach their dreams. The appreciation of our core values lies in the fact that here, we strive to awaken the intelligence and generosity of spirit among students so that they are able to meet an increasingly complex world without losing their humanity. The cultivation of concern for mankind are all parts of our education aims.

'Keep your dreams alive. Remember all things are possible for those who believe'. - Hail Devers

President's Desk

Dr. R A Mulani

M.Com.,LLB., GDCA.,Ph.D

Dear Students,

It is nice to greet you all!

May this session bring in the desired fruits to each one of you. We believe that every child has an inbuilt calibre, the only thing is to make a spark and enlighten it to full knowledge with skills. I am confident that every Abhinav student will aspire to be an ideal citizen of India with positive attitude towards handling all the situations of life.

Effective time management is the need of hour, need of the student, the teacher as well as the parent. Students need to be Alert ,to be an OPTIMISTIC WORKER, to be CONFIDENT ,to be an ACTIVE LEARNER ,to be PERSISTENT, to be cheerful and to be GENEROUS to be TEMPERATE ,to be ONES OWN SELF.

We as teachers, can play the role of effective acilitators of learning by making children understand HOW to LEARN EFFECTIVELY rather than telling them WHAT TO LEARN. The learning environment at Abhinav emphasises the global future that our students will be a part of increasingly, they will interact globally to innovate, solve problems ,communicate & collaborate with people from different cultures(Global Literacy).

We are committed to the continuous improvement of the school’s network, facilities, equipment and professional practice to deliver leading edge learning to gifted students.


Rita Samal


Dear Students,

"There are two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other wings" - Hodding Carter.

The education system as I analyses it become focused on solely its ability to deliver materialistic and utilitarian goals. A parental frency for marks, an obsession for good results by school and easy access to reputed Institution by student become the sole pedagogic aim of education.

Education of the HEAD was well achieved educating the HEART was forgotten. We at ABHINAV CHARITABLE TRUST caught the same line under the dynamic leadership of our president Hon. Shri R. A. Mulani sir and Hon. Shri Sohail R. Mulani sir (Vice President).

As our own Abhinav Public School philosophy based on Abraham Lincoln’s letter state , “ Teach him it is for more honorable to fail than to cheat. Teach him to sell his brawn and brain to the highest bidders, but never to put a price tag on his heart and soul”.

At ACT’S APS we will focus greater attention and see how we can train and empower our education to disseminate the right value through Instruction and example, to our students. Seminar & Workshops will be conducted to shape relevant experiences and energize the process, which is already in place.Through So Many activities on the sports field and stage, debates and discussion, dance and drama we endeavour to build character at ACT’S APS, We will continue to do so and show our children that a pure unblemished diamond is so much more valuable than one with flaws and cracks. The activities that we trained during previous one year our student for have brought them laurels both in academics and co-curricular activities. I assure you that on our part we will make sincere efforts to repair the moral fabric of our society in whatever little way we can.

RM Group

RM Group was established in the year 1995 by Mr.R.A.Mulani with the sole aim of imparting high quality of services in Education, Real Estate , Account & Taxation , Agro & Flori also. RM group is also going to establish a new segment of medical services with the name of SORM Life Sciences.
The various educational institutions under the ages of the brand name RM Group. Today RM Group is the symbol for quality, visionary and progressive education. In a very short span of time the group has established a business school, Top state board school, Jr. College and now growing in CBSE Board School. The RM Group believes in student centric education and building confidence in children.
The RM Group had also renowned for Real Estate Services through various projects Rich County, Hill Town , Hamy Capital & Sai Corner.

Sr.No.659-660, Manjari Theur Road,Kolwadi Pune 412110

+91 9067546711 / 8806300621

RM Group

Today RM Group is the symbol for quality, visionary and progressive education. In a very short span of time the group has established a business school, Top state board school, Jr. College and now growing in CBSE Board School. Abhinav is a charitable trust which comes under the division of RM GROUP