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Address: Sr.No.659-660, Manjari, Theur Rd, Tal Haveli,  Maharashtra 412110, India, Contact Number : 09067546711, 7620527644 

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Founder President

May this session bring in the desired dreams to each one of you. I believe that every student has an inbuilt calibre, the only thing is to make a spark and enlighten it to full knowledge with skills. I am confident that every Abhinav student will aspire to be an ideal citizen of India with positive attitude towards handling all the situations of life.

Effective time management is the need of hour, need of the student, the teacher as well as the parent. Students need to be Alert ,to be an Optimistic person, to be Confident ,to be an Active Learner ,to be Persistent, to be Cheerful and to be Generous, to be Gorgeous , to be Own Self.

We as teachers, can play the role of effective facilitators of learning by making children understand HOW TO LEARN EFFECTIVELY rather than telling them WHAT TO LEARN. The learning environment at Abhinav emphasis the global future that our students will be a part of increasingly, they will interact globally to innovate, solve problems , communicate & collaborate with people from different cultures & different States.